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Innovative Men’s Clinic

Innovative Men's Clinic - Serving Bellevue, Lynnwood, Federal Way, and Seattle - Testosterone Therapies

Innovative Men’s Clinic can help you get REAL results that are sustainable.

Offering Seattle’s most advanced life enhancement treatments for men. The all male staff at Innovative Men’s Clinic has experience helping thousands of men improve their lives.

Testosterone therapy can improve energy levels, low libido, and erection problems. Testosterone therapy can also improve blood sugar regulation in diabetic patients.

We also offer a variety of other services including sexual enhancement treatments for erectile dysfunction and premature ejaculation. We offer more treatment options than any other men’s clinic in the Seattle area.

The Innovative Men’s Clinic Guaranteed Visit

Erection problems? We have a guaranteed solution.

With sublingual medications and other approaches that go beyond Viagra®, Levitra®, and Cialis® Seattle, we guarantee you will be satisfied with your results after your first visit. If not, we will refund your $99. Every treatment plan is customized to meet your needs!

We use medications that are FDA approved. The Innovative Guarantee

Privacy In The Clinic – No Waiting Policy

When you come to our clinic you will never have to wait in the lobby and our staff is all male (you are welcome to bring your partner to your visit). When you arrive we will immediately direct you to your own private room. We value your privacy and take all required measures and more to ensure it.

Revive Your Vigor & Maintain It!

We can help you IMMEDIATELY enhance your life and help you prevent further decline. The Innovative Approach can help you revive your vigor and sustain it. And help you prevent the downward spiral that is part of “normal” aging.

Using a variety of therapies, including testosterone therapies, growth hormone therapies, advanced sexual enhancement and erectile dysfunction treatments, nutritional therapies, and other hormone therapies such as oxytocin, we can offer you the best of the medical world for life enhancement and longevity clinics.

Getting older is “normal” but feeling “old” is OPTIONAL.

Becoming a patient is easy & your first visit is just $99. This includes lab tests to check your testosterone levels and test medication. Call (425) 455-1700 or schedule online!