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Topical Finasteride Hair Loss Treatment – Seattle

Hair Loss Treatment Seattle

Hair loss treatments in Seattle are behind the times.

Over the counter minoxidil may show modest benefit and oral finasteride (Propecia®) can help stop hair loss but the side effects of finasteride can include low libido and erectile dysfunction.

The side effects of finasteride can continue even AFTER discontinuing the medication for many months and some men complain of permanent side effects.1

Some men have given up on getting their hair back and this makes sense considering the side-effects of finasteride in terms of libido and erectile function. However, doctors who are up-to-date on modern research should know that there is safer and more effective way to reverse hair loss using topical finasteride and hormone balancing.

The main cause of hair loss in men, androgenic alopecia, is due to increased conversion of testosterone to DHT (dihydrotestosterone) and this tends to happen more and more as we age. DHT has important health benefits in the body. Finasteride is a medication that prevents testosterone from converting DHT.

In terms of hair loss, we only need to decrease the DHT levels in the scalp (hair region) rather than in the ENTIRE body. This way you can get the benefit of hair growth and restoration without the side-effects.

In addition, you need to make sure you have adequate testosterone levels. Without confusing you too much I hope, what is happening as you age in terms of testosterone and DHT levels is partly that your body is increasing the conversion to DHT to make up for your decreased testosterone levels. In fact, DHT is about 4 times as potent an androgen as testosterone. Nutritional deficiencies, such as vitamin D, essential fatty acids (EPA, DHA, GLA), and zinc can contribute to the over-conversion of testosterone to DHT.

You need some DHT for healthy physiology and you need adequate testosterone levels. Many guys with hair loss actually have low testosterone. Testosterone actually improves hair growth when applied topically.2

Topical finasteride has been shown to improve hair regrowth and stop hair loss when applied locally to the scalp in men.3 In addition, to improve absorption and stimulate stem cells locally we suggest patients use a special dermal stimulator that has been used in Chinese medicine for hundred of years. This simultaneously improves absorption and stimulates stem cell in the scalp. In a little as 6 months most patients notice a very noticeable improvement.

We recommend checking your hormone levels, including thyroid, testosterone (free and total), and growth hormone (igf-1) to ensure that we will see optimal results with the topical approach.

Before considering Propecia® we highly recommend you consult with us to see if this may be the answer you’ve been looking for by calling (425) 455-1700 for your FREE consult with our experienced staff. We are ready to serve you!

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george November 30, 2013 at 10:57 pm

Hello people, I’m a newcomer around here. Recently been really trying to locate info on the web for a little while now, have many concerns related to testosterone levels. I’ll try to begin with some history.

Only 33, and my overall position is really bad.

I exercise excellent health practices for my eating habits as well as work out 5x every week. I largely do strength training, but sprinkle in a tiny bit cardio as well. I have not done drugs, and I also don’t drink very much either.

However, for a great deal of my adult life, I’ve been through these types of symptoms:

Severe weariness, constantly drowsy. I rarely have quite enough energy. Even if I rest LOTS.

My head doesn’t often work properly, as if its within a daze. I just can’t devote my attention in school, or on chores. I’ve trouble determining the right words, even though I am fairly intelligent.

This is depressing considering I am aware I’ve got great capabilities, the inspiration is missing. I have experienced classical major depression since before I could recall.

It’s not often that I feel comfortable in public, there’s only low-grade anxiety. It’s depressing in in a serious way.

My desire for sex is totally low. There are pretty young girls around me, but I really don’t really care. Indeed there have even been a few times I couldn’t keep an erection in the bedroom. It seems so hopeless.

What can I try?

I got examined at a lab for maybe having low T, results were 365 ng/dl, but my physician won’t prescribe me testosterone.


Dr. Barry Wheeler December 8, 2013 at 10:21 pm

Hi George,

I suggest you get a second opinion. Your doctor measured your total testosterone and for your age 365 ng/dL is quite low. Your doctor should also check your free testosterone and estrogen levels. Free testosterone is in many ways more important than the total testosterone level as the free portion is the active portion in your body. There are certainly other potential causes of your health concerns, such as low thyroid function, adrenal hypofunction, and anemia, but low libido, in my experience, is usually due to low testosterone.

I suggest you find a doctor more experienced in evaluating hormone deficiencies or ask your doctor for a referral to a specialist. Also, be sure to tell your doctor about your depression if you haven’t already done so.

Best of luck,
Dr. Barry


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