The Myers Cocktail / IV Nutrient Drip

The Myers Cocktail is based on the premise that many people are below optimal status of essential nutrients and after receiving a spectrum of nutrients these people can jumpstart their health.

This vitamin deficiency can happen for a number of reasons:

  • Poor quality foods
  • High levels of daily stress
  • Extensive physical activity
  • Genetic abnormalities

All these and more daily factors can increase our body’s demand for vitamins and minerals. It is even possible that low levels of one nutrient makes absorption of another nutrient less effective leading to a downward spiral health-wise.

The list of conditions that may benefit from Myers IV goes on and on. However, even if you’re healthy, but just feeling exhausted the Myers cocktail can help. One acclaimed physician goes on to say, “Many relatively healthy patients chose to come in for periodic [Myers IVs], because it enhanced their overall well-being for periods of a week to several months.”

The ingredients of the Myers are selected and balanced to meet a broad range of possible deficiencies. Each nutrient has its own benefits, but also synergizes with the other elements of the recipe. This way the results are greater than the sum of their individual parts.

Anyone can take the Myers cocktail and feel refreshed and energized, but have also created a quiz to determine the areas where this treatment can be most useful.

Answer these questions and our staff will contact you with more information about your procedure!

1. Do you have seasonal allergies?

2. Do you experience asthma episodes?

3. Do you often experience fatigue?

4. Are you prone to diseases during weather changes?

5. Does it take you longer to recover from common infections?

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