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“The Northwest’s Premier Men’s Clinic” with five locations in Washington state- Seattle, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Federal Way and Wenatchee

testosterone-seattle-innovative-mens-clinicINNOVATIVE MEN’S CLINIC is a medical clinic providing services for men only. We are an all male staff who are passionate about men’s health with locations in Bellevue, Seattle, Lynnwood, Federal Way and Wenatchee.

Restoring Performance, Power, and Passion to your life is our number one objective. Your licensed physician at Innovative Men’s Clinic will help you find a sustainable solution that meets YOUR needs. Innovative Men’s Clinic offers more services specific to male health than any other clinic.

Whether you are 30 years old and are feeling the decline in testosterone levels, 45 years old and struggling with energy and weight gain, or 70 years old and wanting a guaranteed solution for erectile dysfunction, Innovative Men’s Clinic offers you the most cutting-edge approaches to maintaining your male vitality and potency.

We have clinics located in Bellevue, Seattle, Lynnwood, Federal Way, and Wenatchee Washington. Our Bellevue, Lynnwood, and Federal Way locations have parking on site. The Seattle location has parking across the street in the covered Public Parking lot at 1120 Broadway (parking at Seattle location).

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The Innovative Medical Guarantee for Erectile Dysfunction Solutions

erectile-dysfunction-seattle-innovative-mens-clinicFor men experiencing erectile dysfunction we guarantee that you will see a response from your custom test dose or we will refund your initial visit cost of $149. We provide a history, physical exam, ultrasound, and bloodwork. Our specialists are trained to find the basis Erectile Dysfunction on your first visit.

For most patients this is a quick process – meaning the day after your first visit you will have a treatment option that we know will be better than the results you’ve been having based on your custom test dose response. We recognize the importance of this for many men and that is why we created the Innovative Approach. Please call us at (425) 455-1700 with any questions.
Erectile dysfunction is often an early warning sign of an imminent health threat. Often times it is a side-effect of high blood pressure medications or statin drugs.

Interestingly, high blood pressure and high cholesterol are not signs of lisinopril or simvistatin deficiencies but of another health problem, such as a hormonal imbalance. Thus, with our approach, we can find the underlying cause of the problem and give you the tools that will allow you success the same day and going forward. We Guarantee it!

The Innovative Approach To Men’s Health

Our doctors are all highly trained, educated, and experienced so you get the highest quality of care with the most effective treatment options. All our doctors are members of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. Hormonal optimization is the central core of our anti-aging approach and is necessary for true revitalization and longevity along with diet, exercise, and stress reduction.

The Innovative Approach was synthesized by William Washington, MD. After beginning his career as board certified emergency physician, Dr. Washington found his life calling in the science of anti-aging. The anti-aging approach involves balancing and optimization of the male hormonal system to restore youth and vitality. Passion, Power, and Performance are largely linked to hormonal levels in men. The approach combines both prescription medications, such as injectable testosterone cypionate, bioidentical testosterone creams, aromatase inhibitors, and advanced sublingual medications for erectile enhancement, and natural supplements as needed. We specialize in optimization of growth hormone, testosterone, estrogen, oxytocin, HCG, and vitamin support.

Dr. Washington is Board Certified in Anti-Aging and Regenerative Medicine by the American Board of Anti-Aging Health Practitioners, Specializing in Advanced Endocrinology, and is an active member of the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine. After learning from many of the world’s top anti-aging conferences and the world’s top longevity experts like Thierry Hertoghe, MD and Ron Rothenberg, MD, Dr. Washington combines the best of innovative and integrative approaches to men’s health. Dr. Washington brings over 5 years and thousands of patients worth of experience.

Using cutting edge research, and clinically proven treatments, Dr. Washington has helped thousands of men to improve their sex lives and longevity. Using a patented lab testing method, you can know your total testosterone and PSA levels during your initial visit. Physician recommendations help guide you through the right course and treatment options for your specific needs.

At their clinic in Bellevue, his experienced staff assists him in providing concierge medical services. Many of these services are also used in elite anti-aging clinics in California and Florida. From “trifecta” testosterone therapy to advanced growth hormone optimization to super-charged ED meds to Meyers Cocktails with L-arginine and selenium, you’re in good hands if you’re ready to get more from life.

The goal of the Innovative Approach is to enhance your life and create a sustainable treatment plan that will help you maintain vigor into old age. Some experts are now saying that this approach to healthy aging, in addition to providing noticeable instant benefits,  can add 10 quality years to your life. And, we have noticed that these treatments can often take 10 years off your appearance.

We provide customized treatment plans that include compounded prescription medications made by one of the nation’s top anti-aging pharmacies to meet your needs. The Innovative Approach is more than just the most advanced medications available. We are the most thorough, safe, effective team in the industry.

These are the 5 tenets of The Innovative Approach:

  • Treat the cause
  • Treat the whole person
  • Prevention
  • Doctor as teacher
  • Vis medicatrix naturae ac primum non nocere, which means honor the healing power of nature and do no harm

We understand you want to see results quickly for whatever your health concern is and we understand you want to treat the cause if possible. We are here to serve you in whatever men’s health need you may have. Please feel free to call for a quick consult about your health concern. We value your privacy and will never release your private information without your express written consent, unless required to do so by law. You will feel revitalized. We GUARANTEE IT!

Bellevue (425) 455-1700
Seattle (206) 329-2000
Lynwood (425) 482-9800
Federal Way (253) 839-7000
Wenatchee (253) 839-7000