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Sexual Enhancement For Men

Physician Prescribed Sexual Enhancement Seattle

Sexual enhancement is a new science that has helped many men and women improve their sex lives. Many medications and illegal drugs have side effects which effect your sexual functions.

Our experienced medical staff can help you get results and satisfy your partner. The medical staff at Innovative Men’s Clinic has helped thousands of men improve their lives. Whether you want a 3 hour erection or the most intense orgasm of your life your physician can customize your treatment plan to meet your needs.

We have helped men get consistent erections who have been totally impotent for over 10 years and were told their only option was a surgical implant! We highly suggest you visit us before considering any form of surgery (even penis enlargement).

Bad Sex Is Very Common And Good Sex Can Always Be Enhanced

Your ability to give your partner an orgasm is very important. Women rate orgasm as the most important part of sex despite what they may tell you. Good communication and a healthy relationship will increase your chances of success in the bedroom. Only 5-10% of women have orgasm with vaginal penetration alone. So the odds are against you if your erection is not firm enough for adequate stimulation.

The Deep Spot is located inside the vagina and is different from the G-spot and the clitoris (of course). The Deep Spot is what you are stimulating inside the vagina when you penetrate the vagina with your penis. It is located near the cervix. With adequate stimulation of this spot some women will “squirt”. This is a good sign as many women say the most intense orgasms they have are accompanied by squirting.

Not all women squirt so don’t feel bad if your partner doesn’t do this but if she does squirt don’t be alarmed!

Most Medications Make Sex More Difficult But Some Medications Enhance Sex

Some medications can enhance sexual desire and function but most medications decrease sexual desire and function. For example, the side effect of many anti-depressants and anti-psychotic drugs is the reduction of sexual desire, also known as “libido”.

Medications for high blood pressure, such as lisinopril, can make it very difficult for some men to get firm erections that last long enough to satisfy their partners through penetration. This can be very frustrating for many men.

In addition, the commonly used “statin” medications that are prescribed for high cholesterol will often decrease libido as well as your ability to get erections. This is partly because statins tend to lower testosterone levels and testosterone is very important for libido, as well as getting erections.

Diabetes often leads to low testosterone and elevated estrogen levels or a poor testosterone to estrogen ratio. Even without diabetes most men will tend to have lower testosterone levels and higher estrogen levels as we age. This will often lead to penile atrophy, which means your penis is going to get smaller as you age!

Another sad part of aging is the decline in growth hormone levels. Growth hormone is important for getting and maintaining erections as well as maintaining the size of your penis. The penis pumps that many men use actually work by increasing growth hormone receptors in the penis itself. However, these pumps are dangerous if used incorrectly and without enough growth hormone are unlikely to be effective.

On the other hand, testosterone replacement therapy enhances sexual desire AND function. Sublingual oxytocin increases ejaculate volume and helps to protect the prostate. Oxytocin supplementation can stimulate multiple orgasms! In men, a low dose prescription of cabergoline can facilitate multiple or “enhanced” orgasms. These are just a few examples.

The Innovative Approach – Sustainable Solutions for Sexual Enhancement

We offer more sexual enhancement options than ANY other clinic. In fact, we offer over 100 different combinations of medications and treatment programs that work in synergy to get you results and help you enjoy sex even more.

Physicians Working For You!

At Innovative, your doctor will actually listen to you. We understand your problem and will give you multiple options to improve your sex life. We will offer your customized treatment options that meet your needs.

Treating More Than Just Symptoms

Our goal is always to treat the cause of your problem. This way, we can decrease your need for medication in the future and help you get more from your sex life. Some medications we use help improve blood supply while others increase your sexual enjoyment. With comprehensive lab testing we can check your testosterone levels, estrogen levels, growth hormone levels, and check your thyroid function WAY beyond traditional labs that only check one aspect of thyroid function. And, we actually know how to interpret these labs with respect to your health concerns.

Thousands Of Happy Men

Your Innovative physician has helped thousands of men already improve their sex life. So what are you waiting for?

Currently Accepting New Patients But Space Is Limited

We limit the number of patients each doctor sees so we can ensure the highest level of care. This enables our physicians to listen to you and take the time to put the most effective treatment plan together for you.

Guaranteed Results Or Your Money Back

We guarantee that if you are not satisfied with the results and plan we provide on your first visit we will refund your $99. We guarantee you will see results and be very happy with your treatment plan.

Becoming a patient is easy & your first visit is just $99. This includes lab tests to check your testosterone levels and test medication. Call (425) 455-1700 or schedule online!

Get the "old" you back with a guaranteed solution for your erection problem

Get the “old” you back with a guaranteed solution for your erection problem

Inactivity Leads To Inability

The longer you wait the more difficult it will to get active again. Time is of the essence so call today to schedule your $99 visit that includes labs and test medication.

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