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Innovative Men’s Clinic Reviews

“I have felt better since starting this with you, and thank you for listening and helping. you are helping me greatly.”

“…Also want to mention this program is really working well for me. At first it didn’t and I thought it was a waste but this last month+ has really been a huge improvement in my mental abilities and my work performance. Also my fatigue is pretty much gone too. Thanks a lot for this testosterone program it has really helped me in my job.”

“Hi Dr. Barry, I just wanted to let you know how much I appreciate your service and the value of Innovative Men is to me. I certainly will refer anyone I know has a similar problem to your clinic. Thank You so much.”

“You’ve made my life better. Thank you very much.”

“I am happy to have found the much needed service Innovative Men’s Clinic provides.
You have given me a new life and a new wife. Thx a lot!”

“My experience with IMH was exceptional. I came with specific concerns and they provided effective solutions in a casual and informative way. They also provided additional information for my consideration which I expect to followup on in the near future. In addition they have been helpful with phone conversations regarding questions and clarifications as I work through the program.”

“I am very pleased with the flexibility, personal attention and professional manner of Dr. Wheeler and his staff. I very much look forward to working with them to achieve the results and objectives advocated by Innovative Men’s Clinic.”

“Great service and I’m very happy with my results!”

“I’ve felt quite a bit more energy since beginning the TRT which has been a god send in both my sleep patterns and sex life.”

“No problem on the referrals, I am confident in your abilities and will continue to send guys your way. I appreciate your knowledge.”

“thanks doc.. will do..starting to see results in the gym.. strength is going up.. and not exhausted in the afternoon after work. also my weight was 172 on first day for trt. now 181. not bloated either. so thank you very much.. feel like a young guy again….”

“I ended up sticking with it for 40 days (this is a safe option if you want to do this) and losing a total of 39 lbs! I had always had the will power to lose weight when I needed to in the past. But over the last few years I hadn’t been able to lose the weight on my own, or on a variety of other diets. The 30 in 30 under Dr Wheeler’s supervision works!”

“New clothes and a new me. I know that I will never be fat again. I will always think before I eat. I wont go back to eating starches and sugars like I did before. I know that nothing tastes as good as being thin feels.”