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Weight Loss Clinic For Men – Seattle, Bellevue, Lynnwood, Federal Way

January 28, 2014
Weight Loss Clinic for Men

Weight loss for men often requires more than just reducing calories and drinking protein shakes. Even eating a “healthy” diet and doing “cardio” exercise gives poor results in some men. There are reasons some men have more trouble losing weight than others. In this article we’ll discuss how the diet dictocrats and “cardio” trainers are […]

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Testosterone and Heart Disease, Heart Attacks, and Stroke Risk

November 6, 2013
Testosterone and Heart Disease, Heart Attack, and Stroke Risk

Low testosterone and heart disease, heart attacks, and stroke have been shown to be associated by numerous studies.1,2,3,4 In a study published in 2012, conducted by Veterans Affairs in Seattle, Washington, researchers found that in “men with low testosterone levels, testosterone treatment was associated with decreased mortality compared with no testosterone treatment.”5 This 2012 study […]

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Lynnwood & Federal Way Locations Opened December 1st, 2013

November 4, 2013
Federal Way and Lynnwood Innovative Men's Clinic

Two new locations opened December 1st, 2013 in Federal Way and Lynnwood, Washington.

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Low Testosterone Levels Test & Symptoms

September 15, 2013
Low Testosterone Levels and Low Testosterone Symptoms in Aging Men

Your low testosterone levels test and low testosterone symptoms should be correlated when you’re considering low testosterone treatment. An experienced doctor can help you connect the dots and find the low testosterone test that will help diagnose the cause of your health concern. Many doctors get confused about low testosterone levels being only related to […]

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Testosterone Clinics – Seattle, Federal Way, Lynnwood, & Bellevue

August 12, 2013
Dr. Joshua Moninger - Seattle Testosterone Clinic Doctor

Seattle testosterone clinics can be confusing for men new to testosterone therapy. While there are few options some doctors may claim to provide testosterone therapy and really have little idea of what testosterone therapy actually involves. There are a number of risks and benefits that need to be considered when you visit a testosterone clinic. […]

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The Causes of Low Testosterone

June 2, 2013
Click here to learn more about the causes of low testosterone

The cause of low testosterone is an important question. This article is just a quick overview of some of the causes of low testosterone. For example, a prolactin producing tumor in the brain can cause low testosterone. Certain medical conditions can mimic this tumor as well, such as low thyroid. We check for elevated prolactin […]

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Testosterone Therapy Side Effects vs Benefits Overview

March 20, 2013
Testosterone Therapy Side Effects vs Benefits Overview

As with any medical treatment, including testosterone therapy, there are potential side effects. These side effects are uncommon during testosterone therapy and, certainly, as good physicians we want to minimize any negatives while enhancing the positive benefits. Every patient is different so it is important to individualize the low testosterone treatment. This requires the guidance […]

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L-Carnitine Deficiency & Testosterone Therapy

February 10, 2013
L-Carnitine & Testosterone Therapy for Men

You’re probably aware that testosterone levels decline with age. Science is now showing that L-carnitine levels also decline with age and this decline is associated with an increased risk of frailty. L-Carnitine Deficiency & Aging Frailty is associated with declining levels of L-carnitine that worsens as we age. Aging Research Reviews, a scientific journal, published […]

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Innovative Men’s Clinic Reviews

December 30, 2012
Innovative Men's Clinic Reviews

Click here to read more reviews from real Innovative Men’s Health patients Innovative Men’s Health Reviews From Others “My experience with IMH was exceptional. I came with specific concerns and they provided effective solutions in a casual and informative way. They also provided additional information for my consideration which I expect to followup on in […]

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Seattle: Testosterone does more than improve your sex life

November 20, 2012
`Seattle Testosterone Therapy

Harvard urologist, Abraham Morgantaler, MD discusses low t symptoms (it’s not always about sex). “Dr. Abraham Morgentaler describes symptoms other than low sexual desire that accompany low testosterone, including difficulty with erections, less sensitivity in the genital region, low energy, muscle mass, and bone density.”

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Obesity linked to decreased brain function

October 15, 2012
Obesity & Low Testosterone

A study published in the August 21, 2012, print issue of Neurology®, the medical journal of the American Academy of Neurology, investigated over 6,000 obese and metabolically abnormal people. In this 2012 study, they found that those who were obese or had blood sugar and lipid irregularities had a 22.5 percent faster decline on their […]

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The Benefits of Magnesium

September 30, 2012
The Benefits of Magnesium for Men

Magnesium (Mg) deficiency is a big problem in the United States. Likely due to poor farming practices and erosion, the food we eat has become depleted in magnesium.1 There are epidemic rates of high blood pressure in the United States and the fact that magnesium helps relax blood vessels make magnesium a very important mineral. […]

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