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Longevity is more than just living longer. Modern medicine has created many medical treatments to address the symptoms that come with aging.

From high blood pressure drugs to anti-depressants, there are many medications that could be considered “anti-aging”.

Many clinics consider longevity as just keeping you alive. When was the last time you saw an older man walking with a huge smile on his face.

Perhaps your blood pressure is now “normal” and his mood is “not depressed”. Is that really as good as it gets?

Our longevity clinic offers medical treatments that give you that smile. Because we always consider the cause of your problem we have many treatment options that help you live longer AND actually enjoy it.

Imagine coming home from work and instead of going to lay on the couch you run up the stairs grab your partner and make wild sweet love. We want to help you do this.

So what is aging? We know that aging is the general decline of bodily functions. But what does this mean? We know that as we age many hormone decline and some increase.

As men age, cortisol and estrogen levels increase and testosterone and growth hormone levels decline. This is considered to be part of “normal” aging. Unfortunately, “normal” aging also includes low mood, decreased muscle mass, decreased mental function, decreased energy levels, erectile dysfunction (women have their own version), and the list goes on….

What if we could measure these hormones and then give you adequate dosages in safe ways that reproduce your hormone levels when you were younger? We consider this to be one of the most important innovations in healthy aging medicine.

What if a healthy diet, hormone therapies, a few supplements, and exercise could help you increase your longevity and actually ENJOY life so much more? We have seen thousands of men improve their lives using cutting-edge men’s health treatments and we are confident we can help you enhance you life.

The following hormones are evaluated and balanced in the Longevity Clinic Program at Innovative Men’s Clinic. Please review the following hormone deficiency symptoms and give us a call at (425)455-1700 for your FREE phone consult.


  • Shyness or social anxiety
  • Decreased ejaculate volume
  • Anxiety, depression, or low mood
  • Trouble bonding with others
  • Cravings and addictions
  • Obsessive compulsive disorder


  • I have hair loss in patches
  • My skin is pale
  • I sunburn easily
  • I often forget things
  • I am stressed out/I’m facing many difficulties
  • My blood pressure has dropped
  • My friends tell me I look thinner


  • I uninate too many times a day
  • I crave salty foods
  • My blood pressure is low
  • I feel dizzy when I stand up
  • I feel much better lying down than standing up


  • I have compression fractures in my spine
  • I’ve lost weight
  • My back hurts
  • I’m very sensitive to pain
  • I have thyroid problems (goiter, thyroid insufficiency, radiation applied to this area)


  • My face looks thinner
  • My friends call me skinny
  • I have eczema, psoriasis, urticaria (nettle rash), skin allergies, or other rashes
  • My heart beats quickly
  • My blood pressure is low
  • I crave salt and sugar (to the extent of binging)
  • I have digestive problem
  • I have allergies (hay fever, asthma, etc.)
  • I’m stressed out
  • I’m easily confused


  • My hair is dry
  • My skin and eyes are dry
  • My muscle are flabby
  • My belly is getting fat
  • I don’t have much hair under my arm (0 = plenty of hair/4=hairless)
  • I don’t have much hair in pubic area (0 = plenty of hair/4 = hairless)
  • I don’t have much fatty tissue in the pubic area (flat “mount of venus” in women) (0=padded/4=flat)
  • My body doesn’t have much of special scent during sexual arousal
  • I can’t tolerate noise
  • My libido is low


  • I have a particularly pale complexion
  • Prolonged physical effort leaves me breathless
  • I’m anemic (diagnosed with a blood test)
  • “A sense of well being” What is that?
  • My blood test shows an increased BUN (blood uric nitrogen) level

Estrogen (yes, guys naturally produce a little estrogen too)

  • I’m losing hair on top of my head
  • I’m getting thin, vertical wrinkles above my lips
  • My breasts are droopy
  • My face is too hairy
  • My eyes are dry and easily irritated
  • I have hot flashes
  • I feel tired constantly
  • I am depressed

Growth Hormone

  • My hair is thinning
  • My cheeks sag
  • My gums are receding
  • My abdomen is flabby/I’ve got a “spare tire”
  • My muscle are slack
  • My skin is thin and/or dry
  • It’s hard to recover after physical activity
  • I feel exhausted
  • I don’t like the world (I tend to isolate myself)
  • I feel contineously anxious and worried


  • I crave sugar and sweets, and eat a lot of them
  • I’m always thirsty
  • I urinate a lot during the day as well as at night
  • I have difficulty healing
  • My stomach and buttocks are skinny


  • I look older than I am
  • I have trouble falling sleep at night
  • I wake up during the night
  • And I can’t get back to sleep
  • My mind is busy with anxious thoughts while I’m trying to fall asleep
  • My feet are too hot at night
  • When I get up, I don’t feel rested
  • I feel like I’m living out of sync with the world, going to bed late and waking up late
  • I can’t tolerate jet lag
  • I smoke, drink, and/or use a beta-blocker or a sleep aid


  • I have memory loss
  • My joints hurt (fingers, wrists, elbows, feet, ankles, knees)
  • I’m feeling a bit drained and I have a hard time handling stress
  • I don’t see colours as brightly as before
  • I have lost interest in art; I don’t appreciate art as much anymore
  • I don’t have much hair under my arms or in the pubic area (0=plenty/4=hairless)
  • My muscles are flabby
  • I have abundant, light-coloured urine during the day
  • I have low blood pressure
  • I crave salty foods


  • My face has gotten slack and more wrinkled
  • I’ve lost music tone
  • My belly tend to get fat
  • I’m constantly tired
  • I feel like making love less often than I used to
  • Men: My breasts are getting fatty
  • I feel less less-confident and more hesitant
  • My sexual performance is poorer than it used to be
  • I have hot flashes and sweats
  • I tire easily with physical activity

Thyroid Hormones

  • I’m sensitive to cold
  • My hands and feet are always cold
  • In the morning my face is puffy and my eyelids are swollen
  • I put on weight easily
  • I have dry skin
  • I have trouble getting up in the morning
  • I feel more cured at rest than when I am active
  • I am constipated
  • My joints are stiff in the morning
  • I feel like I’m living in slow motion


  • I’m thirsty at night
  • I get up at night to urinate
  • I bleed a lot when I get hurt
  • I’m losing my memory
  • I have a hard time thinking straight

Men’s health is changing. The “normal” decline that occurs with aging is now optional. As you age your body’s ability to function declines. For some men, this may mean less firm erections, less energy, less muscle mass, less mental acuity, and less libido. Some men may notice increased blood pressure and increased cholesterol levels.

Testosterone is one of your hormones that decreases as you age and is responsible for many of the symptoms of “normal” aging. Research now shows that this decline is more than expected and is becoming an epidemic.

Testosterone Declining More Than Expected - Travison et al.

Testosterone Declining More Than Expected – Travison et al.

Men 20 years ago had higher testosterone levels than men today at all ages (low testosterone epidemic). This is likely due to pollution and chemicals such as BPA (bis phenol-A), which is found in plastics and acts like an estrogen in our bodies.

Imagine how you felt when you were 25 years old at the peak of your life and also the peak of your testosterone levels. For some men, this insidious decline begins after age 30 (this is when testosterone really starts declining significantly) and is considered acceptable.

If you have any symptoms, such as decreased energy levels and depression or low mood, your doctor is unlikely to even consider checking your testosterone.

If you’re lucky, your doctor will check your testosterone levels. The range of “normal” testosterone is about 300 – 1200. This is a very wide range and if your level comes back at 301 your doctor will likely say you are “normal” and maybe suggest an anti-depressant.

Your doctor is probably unaware that low mood (mild depression) is often caused by low testosterone! There is NO such thing as an anti-depressant deficiency but testosterone deficiency DOES exit and is one of the most under-treated conditions in the United States.

  1. Do you have a decrease in libido (sex drive)?
  2. Do you lack energy?
  3. Is your strength or endurance decreased?
  4. Have you lost height?
  5. Have you noticed decreased “enjoyment of life”?
  6. Are you sad or grumpy?
  7. Are your erections less strong?
  8. Have you noticed a recent deterioration in your ability to play sports?
  9. Do you fall asleep after dinner?
  10. Has there been a deterioration in your work performance?

If you answered “yes” to questions #1 or #7 or any 3 other questions, you may have low T.

Testosterone Therapy For Men

The Male Fountain Of Youth – Testosterone Therapy

Men who want to maintain their vitality and potency have more options than ever before to live a quality life.

In California and Florida, anti-aging medicine is very popular for both women and men. In Seattle, most men and women are unaware of what modern medicine can do to reverse the decline that occurs as we age. If you get hit by a car go to the emergency room but if want to recover well from that accident you need adequate testosterone, growth hormone, etc.

You recovered well when you were younger so imagine what you’d feel like if you had the hormone levels of a 25 year old. We want you to walk down the street with a big smile on your face because things just keep getting better and better. All the knowledge you have gained in your life becomes even more useful when you have the energy and drive to get out there and use it. Testosterone therapy increases energy levels,

Forget The Pills You’ve Probably Seen On TV

The pills they advertise on television are ineffective at significantly increasing your testosterone levels. We offer a number of effective treatments including REAL testosterone identical to the testosterone your body makes. We also offer simple and effective approaches to stimulating your body to produce more testosterone as well decreasing your conversion of testosterone to estrogen.

Testosterone For Life – Improve Quantity AND Quality

Innovative Men's Health - Male Medical Clinic near Redmond in BellevueWe have helped thousands of men improve their lives.

Dr. Wheeler has personally reviewed over 3,000 testosterone lab tests and seen the dramatic benefit men feel and see when they have balanced hormone levels.

Hormone balancing for most men usually means increasing testosterone, growth hormone, and thyroid hormone levels while decreasing estrogen and cortisol (the stress hormone) levels using the most cutting-edge approaches that are found in elite men’s health clinics around the world.

It is estimated that about 5% of us men with low testosterone receive treatment. This is a disturbing figure considering the benefits I have seen with patients receiving testosterone therapy, which include:

  • weight loss (especially central obesity)
  • increased energy
  • increased sex drive
  • better erections (men only)
  • improved performance at work
  • feeling and looking younger
  • less night time urination (men only)
  • improved sleep
  • better mood (happier)
  • less pain (testosterone is a natural pain reliever)

Modern Medicine For Real Men

Men’s health is much more than having your doctor stick his finger up your butt to check your prostate size. Men’s health is figuring out why your prostate is enlarged and how to treat the cause of the problem without causing erectile dysfunction. Yes, most the treatments that men get for high cholesterol, elevated blood pressure, depression, and night time urination CAUSE erectile dysfunction! We have treatments for these conditions that IMPROVE erectile function!

Not every man with low mood, decreased muscle mass, memory and focus problems, poor sleep, and/or erectile dysfunction has low testosterone. But to think that these men have Prozac® deficiencies, laziness, Ritalin®, Ambien®, and/or Viagra® deficiencies is just plain wrong. Certainly, every medication and treatment has its usefulness but when we treat the cause of the problem you get REAL benefits that are much more easily sustainable.

Most of our patients see so much benefit from the testosterone therapy we provide they rarely want to discontinue treatment. In case you decide to take a break your testosterone levels will just return to “normal”, the way they were before you began treatment. Since testosterone levels decline with age it is very likely you will want to continue treatment.

“I am very pleased with the flexibility, personal attention and professional manner of Dr. Wheeler and his staff. I very much look forward to working with them to achieve the results and objectives advocated by Innovative Men’s Clinic.” -Anonymous, 60 years old

“I’ve felt quite a bit more energy since beginning the TRT which has been a god send in both my sleep patterns and sex life.” -Anonymous, 40 years old

“No problem on the referrals, I am confident in your abilities and will continue to send guys your way. I appreciate your knowledge.” -Anonymous, 35 years old

“thanks doc.. will do..starting to see results in the gym.. strength is going up.. and not exhausted in the afternoon after work. also my weight was 172 on first day for trt. now 181. not bloated either. so thank you very much.. feel like a young guy again….” -Anonymous, 45 years old

What Are The Risks Of Delaying Treatment?

As your hormone levels continue to decline with age your symptoms and risks of more serious problems increase. Low testosterone levels are correlated with the following major health conditions:

  1. Heart Disease
  2. Diabetes Type 2
  3. Alzheimer’s Disease
  4. Osteoporosis
  5. Erectile Dysfunction

Becoming a patient is easy & your first visit is just $99. This includes lab tests to check your testosterone levels and test medication. Call (425) 455-1700 or schedule online!