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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: My doctor says that my testosterone levels are “normal”. Do you think my low normal testosterone could be causing some of my health problems?

A: Yes. We have seen patients have low normal testosterone and benefit from testosterone therapies. Symptoms like low energy, low mood, “brain fog”, difficulty with maintaining erections, and even premature ejaculation are all linked to lower testosterone levels. In fact, some studies show that higher testosterone and growth hormone levels decrease your risk of death for ALL causes.

Q: What does a “guaranteed visit” mean?

A: We guarantee that after your first visit you will be satisfied or we will refund your $99.

Q: How much does testosterone therapy cost?

A: Patients who qualify for testosterone therapy can expect to pay between $125 – $250 per month. This cost typically includes all necessary medications, comprehensive lab testing, and unlimited office visits. This cost is based on a one year commitment with credit approval by a third party. We have other more short-term trial options available as well. Please call (425) 455-1700 for a full review of our pricing and how our treatment programs work for you.

Q: How long does the first visit usually last?

A: Typically, the first visit lasts about 30 minutes to an hour. Depending on your particular concern, your visit length may vary. Certainly, if time is an issue we can always start with some treatments and then meet again later to discuss additional options when you have more time available.

Q: Do you use FDA approved medications?

A: Yes. We only use FDA approved medications. If commercially made medications are unavailable we may use a compounding pharmacy to provide your medication and only FDA approved components are used.